Misguided IT Strategy Stats
Improper setup
may result in:
Risk of a Breach
Incompatible Software
Hardware Failure
Lack of technical
strategy costs:
Small Business
Midsize Business

IT Strategy

Start with NuGuidance to plan
the correct technology decisions.

Systems Integration

Connect your softwares, hardware or platforms without any disrupting in your operational workflows. Our engineers ensure your systems are designed for scalability, connectivity and no lose of performance. We take pride in your IT made simple.

Business Continuity

Our Managed IT Services will monitor day-to-day network health and utilization to keep you informed of any potential problems so you can be assured of the continuance of all business operations. Spend more time developing solutions for your business.

Technology Roadmap

Stay current with the everchanging nature of technology. NuMSP ensures your people, processes and technologies are accounted in the most optimal strategic direction both long term and short term. Make your digital transformation shift swiftly with our expertise.

Deployment Services

Our step by step process of scripting, specifying, coding, recording, testing and quality assurance allows you to create and manage frameworks, software components or even to connect custom applications into your current network and IT infrastructure.

Join the collaborative workspace of the future. We securely and quickly migrate all your IT assets, data, emails, calendars and files over the best Microsoft applications. Whether you decide to self-host or offset the hosting to us, we have you covered 100%.

Procurement Services

Under our guidenance we will professionally optimize costs efficiency, spend visibility and strategic sourcing of all your IT technology needs. Uncover hidden value, opportunity assessments and automation with our process of mitigating risk and increasing savings.


Why Choose Our Solutions

Outsourcing your IT department to the experts at NuMSP protects you from unexpected troubles and unreliable systems. We create innovative, yet effective solutions to help your business run smoothly.

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  • Highly Trained Technical Staff

    At a fraction of the cost to hire, train and manage your own internal IT staff.

  • Increase Your Performance

    Our proprietary methods give you the better tools, technology and best practices.

  • Reduce Operational Downtime

    IT experts ensureyour systems are running with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

  • Cross-Industry Expertise

    100+ Technicians and 225+ Certifications, we get the right expertise for your business needs.

  • Dedicated IT Support

    Get answers when you need from remote support specialists and field technicians.

  • Affordable Rates

    Manage your budget and cash flow without unexpected and expensive surprises.

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